Minting an NFT with the MetaMask Browser Extension

Modified on Sat, 13 Aug 2022 at 07:34 PM

This is a quick tutorial on how to mint an NFT using the MetaMask desktop extension and optionally add the NFT to your MetaMask App.

Step 1: Choose your favourite artwork to mint

  • Use the menu on the left to view artworks from each collection
  • Click on the artwork you want to mint

Step 2: Select the network/blockchain you want to mint to

  • Depending on the category chosen, you can choose between minting on Polygon/Matic or CELO (BSC and Ethereum soon)
  • The different networks have different fees for minting costs
  • Only Ethereum and Polygon/Matic are supported by OpenSea at the moment
  • In the MetaMask extension, choose which network you want to use

Step 3: Minting process

  • Press the highlighted button to start the minting process
  • Confirm the payment in MetaMask
  • Wait for the process to complete

Step 4: Viewing the NFT

  • Refresh the page
  • The data saved in the IPFS will show on the page
  • NFTs minted on Polygon/Matic or Ethereum (Rinkeby)  can be viewed in OpenSea

Step 5: Add the NFT to the MetaMask mobile App (optional)

  • Click the  'VIEW ON POLYGONSCAN' or 'VIEW ON CELOEXPLORER' button to view details on the network explorer
  • Copy the address for the contract and note the Token ID
  • In the MetaMask App, select the Wallet screen
  • Choose the NFTs tab and press the Import NFTs link
  • Paste the contract address and add the Token ID
  • Press IMPORT

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